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Daisy Bennyboots
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Default Rehashed Twitter Traffic p1

This is something I watched in a vid that was a pre launch gimmick for a twitter bot. This is why this method is rehashed.

If you are just starting out this can work for you, especially since it has a nice low cost of free.

First, get yourself something like
and install it.

Go create 5 or 6 accounts on twitter, slowly, take your time so Twitter doesn't get too jumpy on your IP#.
Add them to your newly installed tweetdeck (TD from now on).
Also join
for each account.

Get yourself a bunch of tweets made pointing to where you want them and get them scheduled.
I have had luck adding in quotes and BS tweets for keeping the accounts alive for long periods of time using other unaccepted bots, so it should work well for this method too.

Schedule the tweets and let it rip.
Remember that the API has limits, so do not get stupid.
Each account should have a tweet scheduled every 10 to 15 minutes.
6 accounts with an average of 5 tweets per hour will need 720 tweets scheduled per day.
In my tests it took just over an hour to set up each day.

You DO NOT need followers, but they will come. Using
to follow back the people following you.
I spent 20 minutes following my new followers each day, ten in the morning and ten in the evening.

Direct messages are needed, but you can if you wish.

#FF on Fridays using different followers for each twitter account.

and several other hash tags will help you get followers fast if you desire them.

A few well used social network accounts work as well, or better than, hundreds of spammer social net accounts.

Two hours per day sending traffic to where I wanted people to go, for zero cost.
I know, I know, you all want to make millions for two hours of work.....
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