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Immediately upon taking office President Obama violated his own ban on hiring lobbyists and began filling his administration with executives from his favorite industries who rapidly began writing and influencing policy. Then came the spending. Despite repeatedly decrying “corporate welfare,cheap pandora rings for sale,” Obama and Democrats in Congress have given hundreds of billions of dollars away to politically allied corporations and industries from green tech companies run by donors to the ever loyal unions. They even risked the Web portal driving their most prized legislative achievement, Obamacare,cheap pandora jewelry, to a sole source contract with cronies.

Where companies like Solyndra and Fisker have received a great deal of attention, another Democrat-allied industry has quietly,cheap pandora jewelry, and sometimes secretively,cheap pandora bracelets, been reaping rewards from the croniest-of-them-all administration – Hollywood and the Big Content Industry.

The digital age has taken its toll on Big Content. Rather than change and innovate to meet the times,cheap pandora earrings, Big Content has sought to prop up an outdated business model using the force of government. Last year,cheap pandora bracelets for sale, the Obama Department of Commerce released their Internet Policy Task Force Privacy Green Paper that vocally endorsed a key item on the Recording Industry Artists of America’s (RIAA)

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