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desired 06-23-2011 09:51 AM

The Content Unlocker Method
Every CPA network is different and some of them offer their affiliates
tools to help capture leads. Content Unlocker is one such tool offered
by a few networks; such as and I’m sure there are others too if you look around. They allow you to copy a code from their site to paste on yours.

The idea here is to have some great content, to access which, your
visitors would be willing to spend the time in completing a survey.

Use Google Trends to find the most
happening recent event that is being searched for like crazy on
Google. For example, if a celebrity has murdered someone and a case
is going on, everyone is curious to know the latest developments.
Okay, this is an extreme example, but you get the idea.

How about a controversial video released on a celebrity? A
controversial new movie perhaps?

You can use Content Unlocker on your website as long as you can add
video, pictures or any downloadable content.

Create an extremely simple landing page for this. If you don’t know
how to, get one done for you! You can use that template for all your
future landing pages.

As you see, something like the above is going to be your landing page.
Instead of that text there, you can also have a celebrity picture related
to the content inside.

Once visitors click on the link, they are first taken to a survey, where
they will have to fill it up before being led to the actual content. When
using videos, it’s a good idea to not host them on your website. Just
link to the videos from your website.

Coming to the promotion, its article marketing all the way. Use or to get maximum
eyeballs on your article within a few minutes.

Target keywords that are getting the maximum attention on Google

Here you can see “adam lambert ama performance video” is getting
the most attention. Use that for your keyword. You can also look at
the related searches below that for keywords.

Write a 250-300 word article, adding the keyword phrase to the title
of the article as well as a few times in the body. Add links to your
website and make them bold so they are clearly visible. Add one link
in the first sentence of the article, so that impatient people can get to

You can continue watching the developments with the particular
trend on Google Trends and submit articles with the new keywords
that are searched for.

While social bookmarking is not essential for this, it does help.
Repeat the same with new trends and you can easily build up an
income of $100/day and it’s extremely easy money. Why not do one
trend per day?

guru32 09-11-2016 06:56 AM


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