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Constant PMT
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Default Ezine articles has just unvealed new exiting and profitable niches.

Things i rarely do! Open my email, login on facebook, or even read my emails. I am a full time affiliate marketer and i am usually busy tracking my campaigns and i intend it to remain that way for a very long time.
anyway just yesterday i had reached an what i might refer to as an (Affiliate marketing block). i was unable to find a niche, normally when i spend close to 30 minutes looking for a target market i know things are getting thick.this time around i spent around 1 hour and nothing bared without any progress, i was looking for a highly profitable niche, any way after a few attempts decided to call it a day. and that's when i did something rare. opened my yahoomail and i saw a mail from ezine article, normally when i get emails from ezine articles its mostly about Article apporvals. but this one was different is was short and the subject was different, i opened it. O.M.G ezine articles had just unveiled some great untapped niches, its quite amazing because, i couldn't have figured out if such niche markets existed. Give the honors of listing them down here.
* Animation
Articles about/concerning Animation, Computer Animation, Animation Studios, Animation Videos, 3D Animations Styles, Photoshop Animation, Pixel Animation, Digital Design.

* Career Advice
Articles about/concerning Career Coaching, Career Planning, Career Counseling, Job Decisions, Leadership Development, Job Education/Career Education, Choosing Career Path, Career Advice.

* Consulting
Articles about/concerning Business Consulting, Startup Business Consulting, Small Business Consulting, Management Consulting.

* Job Search Techniques
Articles about/concerning Job Search Techniques, Job Hunting, Temporary Agencies, Job Centers, Strategic Planning in Searches, Online Search Strategies, Employment Guides.

* Workplace Safety
Articles about concerning OSHA, Workplace Job Safety, Occupational Safety, Workplace Training, Regulatory Compliance, where to locate your safety information at work, Human Resource's Role in Workplace Safety.

* Radio
Articles about/concerning Radios, Car Radios, Radio Stations, HD Radio, AM/FM Radio, HAM Radios, Digital Radios, Two-Way Radios... but not including XM/Sirius Satellite radio as we already have a category for that.

* Budgeting
Articles about/concerning Budgeting, Finance Budgeting, Personal Budgeting, Budgeting Software, Building Budgets, Strategic Budgeting, Business Budgeting.

Articles about/concerning Content Management Systems, Enterprise CMS, Web CMS, Open Source PHP, Content Organization, Content Storage, Website Management.

* Futures-and-Commodities
Articles about/concerning Futures and Commodities, Commodity Trading, Commodity Investing, Commodities Market, Futures Exchange, Futures Trading, Futures Contracts.

* Elder-Law
Articles about/concerning elder care as it relates to law, Elder Will, Elder, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning including Taxes, Medicaid, Disability, and long-term care issues as it deals with law,

* Collectible Jewelry
Articles about/concerning Fashion Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Care, Vintage Jewelry.

* Adventure Travel
Articles about/concerning Adventure Travel, Whitewater Rafting, Blackwater Rafting, Rock-River Tubing, Mountain Hiking, African Safari?s, Wildlife Touring, Polar Expeditions, Travel Accommodations.

* City Guides and Information
Articles about/concerning City Guides and Information Centers, Online Guides, City Information, Travel Guides, Expert Recommendation.

* Golf Travel and Resorts
Articles about/concerning Golf Travel, Golf Resorts, Golf Vacation Reviews, Golf Travel Tips, Golf Bags and Travel Cases.

* Menopause HR
Articles about/concerning Menopause Symptoms, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pre-Menopausal Systems, Post-Menopause, OTC Treatments, Treatment and Care, Symptoms and Treatment.

* Publishing
Articles about/concerning Publishing, Self-Publishing, Book Publishing, Getting Published.

* Technical Writing
Articles about/concerning Technical Writing, Formal Writing, How To, Online Technical Writing, Strategies in Technical Writing.

Its great and amazing, just check it out, get your creative juices flowing. After all who said the opportunities of making money online are all exploited.
The greatest tool when it comes to finding niche markets is your brain. Its FREE. Thanks all the best hope you found great benefit from this information.

From now on i will be opening my box and when i find something i will definately share it with you.
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