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Default How much time should you spend finding a niche?

How much time do YOU spend picking a niche? I know that's probably what I spend most of my time agonizing about. It's easy to get paralyzed by asking yourself too many questions and put off taking positive action.

There is SO much great information on finding good niches here at this forum. It's hard NOT to come up with some good ideas. Then I realize that a bit of keyword research is needful. I sometimes get stuck after that wondering if I want to invest my time on working that niche or not...

I know that I spend way too much time spinning my wheels. I'm usually quite happy with my efforts once I start taking action. And actually creating a site is very satisfying. I find that it's much better than sitting and stewing about it.

I wonder how many others have this problem and how they work on overcoming it?
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Default The Rapport of Straightforwardly Head of locks Wigs

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Default Мотива

Предали что делать
Татьяна Соловьева - YouTube

<a href=>РџСЂР&#181;РґР&#176;Р&#187;Рё что РґР&#181;Р&#187;Р&#176;ть</a>
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МотивР&#176;ция РґР&#187;СЏ достиР&#182;Р&#181;РЅРёСЏ С†Р&#181;Р&#187;Рё
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