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Default Some Ways I find Great Niche's

Small is good. Find a Nich and dominate it. Here are some good starting steps to finding a niche if you have no idea where to start;

1. Use Google, MSN and Yahoo at the very least and search the following terms; Hobby, rally, conference, convention, collector, show, exhibit, club, membership and team.

2. You will come up with tons of results and what I do is pick my favorite number between 3 and 50 and go to that page in the search results. I move forward and back a couple of pages scanning the results until I see something interesting to me. You will be amazed at what kinds of things have great followings out there and once you get out of the first few pages of results, you are in the "Niche Zone" which can in fact sometimes be confused with the "Twilight Zone"

3. Now you have to find a product to fit your perfect niche so first do a search in the search engines for (your new idea) affiliate program and see if you can find someone running an affilliate program. If that doesn't work go to any paid search listings in that search and when you click on the ad and go to that page look at the very bottom of the page for an affiliate link. Once you have exausted the paid search links, start with the firs few organic listings and look for an affiliate link at the bottom of those pages as well.

4. If you just can't find an affiliate program already in place, then you have to put your thinking cap on and try to figure out exactly what this crazy convention group would like or need for their Niche and then find an affiliate program for something complimentary.

5. You can also cut your own deals and originate your own affiliate product for these niche's, but that's the hard way.

Good Luck. Especially to all of you out there who are looking for plans on how to build a doghouse or birdhouse......oooopps did I just give away another profitable niche?
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