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Email Marketing Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience . Learn how to create and send bulk HTML email campaigns

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Smile My Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing allows you to reach people directly in their inbox using advanced tactics that we?ll cover shortly. I?ve spent more than 6 years using these strategies to build a list of more than 1 million subscribers in a diverse range of niches including wholesale sourcing, Internet marketing, saving marriages and relationships, how to attract men, how to attract women, dog training, learning Spanish, and playing guitar.

When I started using this strategy I managed to more than double my income in less than 90 days. This was about four years into my career as an online marketer and I was already doing quite well for myself, but the value of email marketing vastly increased profitability and it did so very fast.

Why Build Email Lists?
There are many reasons to build an email list, including:

Making Repeat Sales ? No matter what niche you are in, you can vastly increase the number of repeat sales you generate with email marketing. This works because you build a relationship with your subscribers and provide valuable information they can use. Even outside the information marketing niches this will work very well.

Imagine if you own a restaurant and cannot get enough people in on Tuesday nights. If you have an email list with every person who?s ever booked a table online or signed up on your website, you can send them a coupon for $10 off a meal on Tuesday ? almost immediately, your slowest night brings in booming business.

Future JV Deals ? Even if you don?t own your own product, you can create relationships with other marketers that will lead to major opportunities for profit. You can swap lists with someone, use your list to launch a product or even reciprocate with JV partners, especially if they own their own product

Get in on Product Launches ? During the launch period of a product, conversions are higher due to the extended prelaunch buzz and email sequences. With a list you can build interest in a product, offer bonuses, and even add subscribers during a launch period. If you do particularly well during a launch, most product owners will even reciprocate for you when you launch your own products.

Perform Market Research ? I do this constantly with my lists ? if I have a question or need data in a niche, I will email my list in that niche with a survey. It?s free, it?s easy, and you gain tons of useful information.

Platform to Launch Your Own Products in the Future ? I?ve seen people with lists of a couple hundred people launch a product solely with teaser email sequences. They are able to completely cover the cost of their launch with that small list and then go on to make immediate profits. When I launch a product, I plan to make back my money and then some ? usually triple what I invest ? solely from my lists.

Maximize $ Per Visitor ? You spend so much time getting traffic to your site; why not try to maximize the value of each visitor you generate? There are opportunities to upsell to customers, sell new products in the future, and create a relationship over time.

hope this help
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Good points. Thank you for sharing such helpful information. I would also like to recommend
this article that is also related to your post.

Take a look: Constructing Your Email List from Scratch
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