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Mrs Mills
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Post Simple Tips To Increase Your PPV Campaign ROI

Pay per view ads, cost per view ads, or pop-up ads ? Whatever you want to call them ? they?re a popular traffic source for affiliate marketers. The ad networks are less strict, you can get every sort of niche up and running there, and there is a good amount of money to be made on these PPV networks. Even so, I deal with a lot of people struggling to make their first buck with PPV. The following is a summary of some of the quickest and easiest suggestions any marketer can drop into their own campaigns for a quick boost of ROI.

Use a Landing Page
I know a lot of you want to go the easy route and build out direct linked campaigns all day. And in some cases it works. You get a $4 payout converting at 1%, making you 4 cents per click. That?s all fine and dandy, and if you are only spending 1 ? 2 cents per pop up, you?re making a good chunk of money back, at least if you have the scale. But I?ve found in most cases, when I?ve direct linked, I can drop in a very, very simple landing page and double, or better, my ROI. A simple landing page for me has an interesting header, a few bullet points, a call to action/button and an image or video. K.I.S.S.

Get Rid of Everything
Well, not everything, but you know those 1000+ targets you added? How many of them are actually converting, and how many of them are just collecting 1-3 hits per day? Give yourself a time limit on how long you?ll run each target. A couple days is usually enough. After that time has passed, pause all targets that don?t have a single conversion on them. Chances are they?ll only pick up 1 or 2 conversions per month at that rate, but it?s more likely it will just lose money for you in the long run. On many of my campaigns this has taken me from a loss to a profit just because I was running on so many different targets that the 975 out of 1000 targets that weren?t performing kept dragging me down. In many instances, you?ll find maybe only 1 ? 10 targets per 1000 make you any amount of money.

Double Check Your Targets
I shouldn?t have to tell you this one, but I run into it a lot. Doesn?t matter if you are pushing 10 or 10000 targets, always double check your list for odd targets. The way I do this is a drop my target list into TrafficVance first. I can then rank the targets by Activity which will give me a rough estimate on just how much traffic each target will give me. If it is full or close to full, I?ll always double check just to make sre that it is relavent and that its not a massive social media site or something I know won?t convert no matter how well I sell it on my landing page.
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Very helpful Tips?Thanks!

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