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Default CPA+FLYERS+SMS Method - $200 overnight

*This method may not be for everyone, it involves flyers, and I know how touchy a lot of you are about leaving your home, so this is just for those who don't mind pounding some pavement, or paying someone to do it.*

What's up guys,

This past weekend I tested an idea that me and my friends came up with last weekend. We go out sometimes and hop nightclubs in my area and last weekend was one of those weekends.

When we came out the club at the end of the night there was a flyer underneath my windshield wiper which was promoting some pool party at someone's house or something..

I don't know why the idea started sparking that particular time but I always have flyers on my car at the end of the night when the club is over.

Well, me and my friends talked a little about it on the ride home. Next morning I woke up and printed out 200 flyers like this...

Was it a fun night?
If you enjoyed the party tonight, text FREEVIP to '54545'
and learn how you could win free VIP entry + 2 drinks!
(plus many more special offers!)
Winners picked every month!

In the autoresponder that gets sent when they opt-in I looked for some incentive offers to promote. I found a "napster" offer that paid about 7 bucks and was incent-ok.

The opt-in message went like, "Congrats! In order to qualify for a chance to win, you have to sign up for napster here, look out for updates and other offers!"

So we went out again this past weekend on Friday and left the club a little early to flyer the cars.

We got all 200 flyers off in like 11 minutes tops.

Woke up yesterday morning with 93 subs and 29 leads.

So that was $200 overnight..pretty nice.

Leads and subs have been dripping in a little bit today. So far from our 11 minute flyering from Friday, I've made 42 leads.

Every 30 days, Im going to pick a random number and text them that they have been chosen as the winner.

I talked to the club already and they're VIP tickets are $25 and their two drinks will probably be around 10 bucks each. So that is about $45 that I will have to pay for this.

The offer is no cash incentive so my AM said I couldn't technically paypal them the cash for the ticket and drinks. So I called the club and asked if I could come pay for a vip ticket and a $20 drink voucher to give to my friend. They said it was cool but didn't really have drink vouchers so when I went up there I got the tickets and the manager made a handwritten little card and signed it good as $20 cash at the bar.

In 30 days when i text the winner, im just going to get their address and mail the voucher and ticket to their house so they can receive their winnings.

That first 200 flyer run was just my first test and it made me $200 overnight and I have over 100+ subs to market to now. I'm looking into more offers that I can send every week but now I plan on repeating the method with 2,000 flyers next time and hitting a couple different nightclub parking lots.

Need quick money? Hop on this next weekend.

Any questions, tips, suggestions, feel free to share. This method is nowhere near perfect and made me some good coin. We can work together and perfect this method to make some serious cash.
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