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Red face Newbies With CPA ( Short Guide )

1 – What are the best CPA networks

I don’t think there is a definitive answer for this question, because it depends on the offers you want to promote. However, I’m going to give my personal opinion here. Also, other guys will be welcome if they decide to share their preferences on this thread.

Low cost offers (email/zip submits) – Neverblue is my favorite one for this kind of offer. However, I’ve heard some people saying that MaxBounty is also very good.

Free trials – I like Lidango, manly in the health and BizOpp niches.

High quality offers – Clickbooth has the best offers in my opinion.

Other good networks – COPEAC, Hydra, Convert2Media, ROIRocket

2 – Getting Accepted

I don’t know why, but many people think that this is a hard task. I can guarantee to you that it’s not. However, here are some tips that can really help you get approved for many networks in few days.

1. Create a website or blog. You can talk about yourself, your company (if you have one) or simply make a few good posts about internet marketing. In order to make it clear for you, here is the website I used to apply to my first networks: - Marketing Solutions, Writing & Design, Targeted Traffic.... I also had to show to some affiliate managers a comparison website that I was using to promote Clickbank fitness guides with PPC. I don’t think you will need it if you say that you direct linking or using other promotional methods (social marketing, article marketing with domain redirection, etc). However, you can always create a simple review site, and start a campaign with a low budget. Then you get approved and take down the campaign. I’m not sure if it’s ethic or correct, but the affiliate managers will be able to see your preselling skills and will be more likely to approve you.

2. Be honest. Don’t treat affiliate managers as if they were ingenuous children. Tell them the truth, don’t say that you master several different promotional methods and are a super affiliate making $50K a month (unless you are!). Just say what sort of offers you intend to promote and how you will do it (traffic source, landing pages, etc). Let they know that you are a serious person and not just a newbie trying to make some money with a black-hat method.

3. Be proactive. Submit your application and call your affiliate manager. Don’t wait several days until they call you. Don’t let they think that you are desperate, but show them that you’re proactive. You can also contact them through AIM.

3 – Your First Campaigns

It’s hard to say how you should get started, because it depends on your situation. If you have a lot of free time but no money, start with a free traffic source. On the contrary, try to get faster results with PPC or PPV. However, here is how I got started with CPA, and since it worked for me I think it can work for you too.

1. Don’t get started promoting paid offers. If you are new to CPA I recommend you to avoid anything that requires a credit card number. Promote only free offers even if they have lower payouts, because they are much more likely to convert your traffic. If you can, prefer email and zip submits.

2. Start with a free/cheap traffic source that’s relatively easy to work with. When people are just starting I recommend them to use social marketing techniques and article marketing. Avoid the more complicated (and expensive) traffic sources.

3. Split-test and be persistent. Chances are that your first campaigns/offers won’t make you money. However, if you persist and split-test different offers, landing pages, ads, etc you will find a winner sooner than you think.

4. As Michael Jackson said, you are not alone . Keep in touch with your affiliate manager, ask for tips and advice. He will help you to find out what’s performing well with your traffic source and how you can improve the performance of your campaigns.

5. As some marketers use to say, this is a case of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid ). Don’t try to use complicated methods that will take a lot of time and money to produce results, keep everything as simple as possible.

6. Put your focus on something and stick at it. If you are always jumping from one system to another I highly recommend you to quit your internet marketing business and start looking for a good regular job. When you lose your focus you lose everything. If you want to make money online you need to master a system. It will never happen if you try a system for just a couple days.

4. Final tips

Ok, now let me give you some final tips that will help you along the way.
1. Avoid too competitive niches. College degrees, home/car insurance, etc… Avoid to get started on niches that have too many competitors, including big (and very rich) companies.

2. When starting campaigns with paid traffic, look for strategies to get cheaper traffic (even if it will reduce your traffic volume). For example, if you are starting with Google PPC, try the content network instead of the search. Also, consider using image ads, because they can bring you very cheap clicks. (For image ads you will need 1,000s of keywords).

3. Don’t spend a lot of money on softwares. Keyword Elite and Traffic Travis, for example, are great tools, but you don’t really need them to make money. So wait until you have a profitable campaign running to start buying softwares.

4. Education is more important than softwares, but it doesn’t mean you want to spend $100s in courses. You can’t get started if you don’t know what you are doing. Starting a SEO campaign without knowing SEO will make you lose weeks or even months on something that will never make you money. Starting PPC campaigns without knowing PPC will make you lose $100s in few days. However, don’t spend a lot of money on courses, remember that you need a budget to start your campaigns. Purchase 1 or 2 good courses (if you haven’t already) and stick at them.

5. If you are planning to start a PPC campaign, I personally recommend you to create an account at Now, they have a trial period that will allow to access the 1st month’s lessons for just $1. (I’m not associated with them, I just think they have one of the best courses about pay per click available on the internet).

That’s it. If you follow the tips above I’m sure that you will be a successful marketer in few days. If you have questions, please, don’t hesitate to post them on this thread. I’ll do my best to answer them.
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great job and very helpful. i think all the newbies must read this post before starting CPA networking.
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