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Talking CPA + Omegle = Quick, ZERO-Investment way for newbies to make some $$

Hi guys,

I'm very new to CPA MarketingTalk but in the past few weeks I have learned a lot more here than I have learned at DP or other internet marketing forums in two years. I love the spirit of the community and how people at BHW are willing to share their own money making methods even if it means facing more competition and risking over-saturation of the method.

So now I would like to contribute to the community as well. Even though this method won't make you thousands of dollars on autopilot it's a pretty good way to make a few bucks a day if you are just starting with CPA. The biggest advantage of this method is that it brings instant cash. You can make your first CPA conversion using this method in less than an hour from now.

So, now on to the method itself:

This is my own little twisted e-wh0ring method which uses a service called Omegle to target your "victims" . For those of you are not familiar with Omegle, it's basically a website/service which allows you to chat/video chat with a randomly chosen "stranger" from anywhere in the world. Since most of the "strangers" are actually horny teenagers or old perverts and there are thousands of them online at any time it's not hard to see why an e-wh0ring method works pretty well on this site...

In short, this method involves chatting to these strangers using a fake webcam video of a hot girl. When you find a good victim (horny, U.S male) you tell him you are going to show him your b**bs if he fills out a simple zip/email submit offer that you send to him.

What are we going to need?

1. ManyCam software (free) - I can't post links so you need to Google it
2. Account on a CPA network which offers freebies (peerfly is good and easy to get accpeted to for a beginner)
3. A webcam video of a hot girl chatting (I got one from Youtube)

The Method:

1. Lauch ManyCam, this is the software that will allow us to use a fake video as a webcam source when video chatting on Omegle.

2. In ManyCam go to Sources > Playlist then click on "add" and add the fake video of the hot girl that you downloaded.

3. Click the Play button and the video will start playing in a loop.

4. Go to your CPA network and pick a freebie iphone/ipad or similar offer. This is the offer that we are going to be sending out on Omegle.

5. Go to omegle.*** (you know what...I can't post links ) and select the "video" option.

6. Now you need to find a guy who is from a country that your CPA offer supports (in my case it's USA only). To find out if the guy is from USA the first question that I ask is "hey, are you from the US?". If the answer is positive you are ready to proceed! If not just disconenct and find someone else.

7. Now you tell him your offer, I use this line "i'll show you my b**bs for a small favor :P"

8. Most common answer is "ok" or "what's the favor". To that I reply: "im trying to get a free ipad and I need one more referall, can you help me please?"

9. Now this is where many guys get suspicious and disconnect so don't be surprised if that happens a few times before you find a one that is willing to do it. You could chat to them for a little while before coming up with this "small favor" to build their trust and increase conversion rate but I can't be bothered I copy&paste all of my lines from a notepad file.

10. When you find a guy who is willing to do it (teenagers are the ones most likely to do it from what I found) just tell him what to do and make it sounds SIMPLE. I use this: "just go to this website *insert your CPA link* and submit your email address, that's all"

11. Once they complete the offer you can just disconnect or think of a less harsh way of leaving. I usually tell them that I didn't get their referall and then I disconnect.


- Many guys will tell you that they have completed the offer even though they haven't. Check your stats to make sure they really did it before you disconnect.

- You will see many guys ****** off on Omegle. While they might seem like the perfect victims I *never* actually managed to get one to complete an offer. They always want "tits first" Don't even bother with them, they are a waste of time.

- Store your lines in notepad and copy&paste them so you don't have to type them out every time.

- Make sure that your typing is synced with the girl on the video!! Otherwise they will realize it's fake.

- If a guy asks you to wave at him, just disconnect. He knows you are fake.
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