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Smile 1k per day or more with CPA

This is basically in-game advertising

i've used this method for a few months , i make close to $1000 per day with it from two networks and everything is completely automated, so like i said, it depends on your effort, the traffic is totally free.
i've found other methods that'll triple my income, so u guys can put your own twist to this method.

Here's a rough Overview before u proceed to the step by step

The gaming niche is something that can never become saturated
Even now that there are ps3, xbox 360, nintendo wii e.t.c along with countless titles of games under the respective consoles above...thousands of gamers even millions still search online for classic titles, patches, roms and emulators to play on their pc, that's where u come in


Register free as an author on brother soft

Conduct a quick research on their website e.g what people are currently
downloading, latest downloads, most downloaded, rising downloads of the most popular and old games and etc. You must categorize your software under FREEWARE License when u submit

Where to get games

i specifically recommend going after roms for(snes, sega, N64 instead
of ps2 iso not to mention ps3 as you'll find out later. has lots of roms, emulators anyone can download, the second website you can get them from is coolroms and there are loads more out their

brothersoft rejects repeated submissions of games or software that is
already in thier database or that belong to another author or company
Solution: after you've downloaded the roms from romnation, the ones you're
particularly interested in uploading to brothersoft, u will need a HEX EDITOR to ALTER or hack into this game rom.

If you don't know how to hack into roms, use elance or rentacoder's service or spend a few minutes on youtube on free learning how to tutorials for those without a penny

So Why hacking?

it's to change several of the game stages, the Menu OPTIONS and
to put your domain name(that'll redirect OR iframe your cpa url) BOLDLY on
several stages of the game, So lets say a lead downloaded N64's f-zero x
You will include in the gameplay itself that they can get speed hacks or vehicle teleporter that can help them do the impossible in the game ?... u see the latter (vehicle telepoter) is my own personal piece of code and alteration the developers never included in the game, something they can only get if they visit my domain name where they must fulfill my chosen cpa offer. So for every x stages they play in the game, they get
messages prompting them about upgrades and cheats that doesn't exist anywhere but through me

e.g i've seen a guy on youtube use super mario as a playable character in mortal kombat and tekken

If you've successfully done all the step above,you're ready to upload your software(game) to brothersoft
Give the game or software a unique version like 1.05 or any number that comes to mind but doesn't exceed 3.5
The reason i stay away from ps2 & ps3 games is that it's next to impossible for me to change a single piece of binary without messing up the rest and elance's most talented coders i know personally want hundreds of $$$ to get the job done which isn't really worth it for me


types of offers to promote and how to incentivize off-game.

Neverblue has $1.20 offers like battlestar galactica e.t.c
Be sure to use cpa redirector because the referrer will always be from your
browser...... On your domain name....... you can iframe the offer giving them instructions on what to do to get their game upgrades e.g vehicle teleporter(off-game incentivizing) and generate a php page using an
event handler for them to input a series of integers that'll redirect them to your code(what they're really after)
This way, we bypass the need for a timer because we really want this
leads to convert on the advertisers end as well because i hate getting shaved

NOTE: not all game roms/software gets accepted by brothersoft for so many stupid reasons even if you sometimes completely change 50% of the source code but 6 out of 10 gets accepted from my experience with them.
Try to find games that have not yet been submitted or versions of it that are yet to be submitted and be the first to.

If you've submitted up to 40 accepted rom/files and each one brings you
thousands of free leads per day....then you can scale it up as i am currently working on.
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