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Post Movie Site Flipping Method

This one takes the movie voting method a little further. Choose a
controversial or a huge movie that people are talking about. Make
sure it?s either released recently or to be released, like ?Paranormal

Find a domain like ? Find an attractive banner from the movie and have it at the very top of your web page.

Find some interesting tidbits about the movie that most people may
not know about and write about 3-4 paragraphs. At the end, ask a
question?something like? ?Do You Believe in Paranormal Activity??

As simple as that?.

Here is an example:
The idea is to direct people to a CPA offer whether they click on Yes of No. Once they click they will be led to a page asking them to enter their zipcode or email. Also, you can show some false poll results showing that a majority of people voted ?Yes.?

Below the question, you can add something like ?Vote Yes or No, and enter your zipcode and receive a gift certificate for participating!?

Take care of the SEO on the site and you will soon see results. No,
that?s not it ..?

You can promote it using Yahoo Answers by answering relevant
questions and sending people to your site through your link. Go to
Craigslist and place a related Ad that links to your site. Create a video related to the movie; you can just use some scenes from the movie adding a link to your website.

Upload the video to Youtube and other Video sites. Use, which is a video distribution site that sends
your video to all the popular web video communities out there. It
could save you hours in upload time alone. While it?s not the traffic
magnet most so-called SEO gurus would have you believe, it?s certainly very useful.

You will have visitors on a consistent basis, don?t wait, just go to a
good marketplace and sell the site.

You?ve invested about $20 on domain and hosting, and you can sell it for a minimum of $250, depending on the traffic.

But if you?ve generated $500 or more in the first or second month,
you can sell it for a minimum of 4 times the monthly revenue. I?m
just giving you a very conservative figure here.

$2000 is not bad for a small investment?
Start with another movie ? or another trend?and cash in.

Believe me, this will work. The problem with people who are new to
CPA is that they are afraid to try things thinking they may not work or because there is too much work involved.

Please don?t believe anyone that tells you that just reading about CPA is going to earn you money. It?s your effort that will.
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