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Smile Generating Traffic to your sites GUIDES ( P2 )

II Paid Traffic

Pay Per Click Search Engine Traffic

On pay per click search engines, advertisers simply bid on keywords that are relevant to their product or service. Their ad listings will be displayed when a prospective customer types any of those keywords into a search form. Rankings on the major pay per click search engines are based primarily on the bid price and the click-thru rate on the advertiser?s ads.

The upside of pay per click is the fact that you have total control, and you can decide the maximum price you want to pay for a visitor to be directed to your blog/site.

Here are the best companies that offer PPC traffic:

A large list of pay per click search engines can be found here:

Publisher Network Traffic

You can place your ads on thousand of websites that participate in the contextual ad network?s publisher problem. These can be seen as mini Google Adsense services because they are pretty much the same thing.

What you need to know is that every time somebody clicks on an advertisers? ad on a publisher?s website, some percentage of the click cost goes to the publisher. What?s left is kept by the contextual network ? and the advertiser is charged per click.

You should always focus on the placement of your ad on the contextual network?s web sites, since the better their ability to match the ads with the content on the web site, the better quality traffic you will get.

Some major contextual networks where you can buy traffic:

I want to point out that when Google began cracking down on affiliate sites and ?flogs? a.k.a. fake blogs or news blogs, advertisers began searching out new venues to run their ads. I have been personally advertising with Pulse360 and Adsonar (formerly Quigo) for about 6 years but about 2.5-3 years ago all of a sudden there was an influx of affiliate marketers running biz opp and acai berry offers on those networks. When I asked my AM what was happening, he informed me that Adwords had shut their accounts down and they now needed a new venue. So, the point of this background is to let you know that these publisher networks have some serious affiliates doing serious numbers. This means that they work and work very well?but expect the clicks to be expensive. Use caution when starting with them because you can lose money very quickly if you don?t know what you?re doing.

Text Link Traffic

If you want to pay some money for traffic, you can always buy text links on various websites, as this can help you increase the number of one-way links that are linking to your website/blog.

What you want to do is to find sites that are interested in selling static links on their website.

Using text link traffic will help you with SEO by increasing your site?s rank and thus the potential number of visitors on your site/blog.

You can buy static text links here:
Text Link Ads
Text Link Ads
Text Link Brokers
Banner Traffic

This type of traffic is really under-rated. Banners were the pioneers of online advertising and yes, we do see a lot of them. But guess what? They still work.

The key with banners is twofold. First, have a great headline. That?s really what is going to grab the user?s attention. Second, have a strong call to action. Tell the user what you want them to do. ?Learn More?, ?Click Here?, ?Submit?, etc.

Adwords has a great site targeting feature that can generate a lot of traffic for your banners. It?s very easy to use and part of the Contextual Network. I?d recommend you start there and then move to the two others I list below.

Google Adwords

Other places where you can buy banner traffic are:
Casale Media

Internal Traffic

Internal Page/SiteTraffic
Here, I am referring to making sure that your sites all link to one another in a sensible way. It is not uncommon for me to have several domains promoting the same exact offer. The content may be different on the domains but they all lead to the same place which is the CPA offer I am promoting.

So, when someone is reading my post on cellulite on, I may put a hyperlink to another blog called or something (just examples here folks). When the user arrives at they will read an article on the facts of cellulite and whaddya know? There?s my banner for the same CPA offer.

Email Traffic

This could be very easily the single most important traffic source. Essentially, you will want to put a sign up or opt-in form on your web site and give something of value away to get people to sign up. Once you have their information, you can email them to follow up and see if they convert into a customer.

Aweber is one of the easiest platforms to use and makes it very simple to create and implement forms on your site.

Think of it like this, once the user visits your site they may go on to complete your CPA offer or not. Regardless of that outcome, it is a good idea to capture their email so that you can market related offers to them in the future.
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