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Wink Generating Traffic to your sites GUIDES

You can bring traffic to your site trough a number of ways, and in this chapter I will briefly tell you about the four major categories. The focus of this chapter is to give you enough information to make lots of money sending traffic to the CPA offers you promote, and not have to rely on any one source too much.

There are two major categories:
- Free traffic
- Paid Traffic

And oh yeah?a third one I call ?Internal Traffic?.

There is quite a lot of information on each of the categories above, but I won?t go into extensive details about each method ? I?ll just point you in the right direction.

The methods I will describe could each be an entire course on its own. This guide isn?t meant to be an encyclopedia of internet marketing, but a pointer to the resources you can use to create traffic.

Keep in mind that if you can monetize any of these sources of traffic, then you have already made the first step towards online success.

Free traffic

Video Traffic

This is perhaps one of the best methods of driving traffic to websites.
First of all, make sure to offer quality content in your videos (which can be made with a simple PowerPoint presentation) and link back to your money site at the end of the video.

So, you can simply use a tool like Camtasia Video to record the power point presentation with your voice presenting the audio slides, and then link tack to your money site at the end of the video.

Here are some great sites you can upload videos to:
And here are two very powerful tools which will help you upload your promotional videos to multiple video websites with one click:

Viral Report Traffic

Another great free method for traffic is to give something such as a free report away as a freebie.

Make a report written specifically for the target audience and then create a place on your site where users can sign up and download it.

Then post that sign up link in your articles ?resource box? or signature. The whole concept here is that it will be easier to market a FREE report on ?5 Ways To Naturally Get Rid of Cellulite? than it would be to simply tell people to go to your web site. There is a perceived value in the report and it will become a very useful ?front end? marketing tool.

The idea here is get as many people to download the report as possible and then pass it around. I personally like to post it on all my signatures in forums as a way to get started.

Find discussion boards and forums in that niche and use it in your sig. I would also try and locate some other similar niche sites that might be interested in offering the free report to their audience.

Organic Search Traffic

When we are talking about natural search traffic we are talking about the traffic that comes from having your pages indexed by major search engines like Yahoo, Google or MSN.

There are two major components into getting your web-pages a high rank. The first is ?on page factors? and the second is ?off page factors?.

On page factors mean your keyword density and where you place your keywords on your webpage. Basically, placing the keywords where they should be such as in the appropriate meta tags, H1 tags, etc.

I am purposely being brief on these ?on-page? factors and I will explain below.

The off page factors include other websites that link back to your website. This means the number of inbound links to your website. Search engines analyze the following:

? # of inbound links
? use of anchor text in links to your site

As a general rule, the off-page factors represent 90% of your web-page?s rank based on the relevant keywords used in the major search engines. So, what you will want to do when exchanging links with other websites is not to use your site name, but rather a keyword that best describes what you website is all about.

So, if your domain name was, then you would want incoming links to your site to use your keywords such as pit bull training.

Once you have your website up and running, you will want to submit it to the major search engines. For Google you will want to use Google Sitemaps, which will send you a Google spider to index your page right away. This is why you will need to create a sitemap in .xml format before submitting your site to Google Sitemaps. What I recommend for that is the GSiteCrawler program that automatically creates a complete .xml sitemap for Google Sitemaps.

Do the basic SEO and then move on to another traffic source. This type of traffic should be done once. Don?t spend too much time tweaking or waiting.

Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic means taking advantage of web 2.0 sites in order to generate traffic to the CPA offers that you are promoting. You can use either a direct approach or an indirect approach when taking advantage of web 2.0 sites.

Direct approach means linking the offer that you are promoting right from the web 2.0 sites. For example, let?s say that you create a page on related to home renovations; when you directly link to home improvement CPA offers from your hub pages you?re using the direct approach.

If you are using the indirect approach, then you will use the linking power of web 2.0 sits to build quality links to your site (the one which promotes you CPA offers).

Here is a list of social media web sites that you can use to generate free traffic:

Domain Name Traffic

We already briefly discussed about the importance of having a keyword rich domain name.

What you need to remember is that you need to use keywords that are relevant to the CPA offer you are promoting. However, finding good names is pretty hard, so when I lack inspiration I use Domain Suggestion Tool. This is a cool piece of software that helps you find domain names related to particular keywords that haven?t been registered.

Domain Suggestion Tool

Another thing you can do is to get your hands on expired domain names that still have traffic being sent to them, and try to monetize the traffic. Here are two resources I use to find expired domain names:

Reciprocal Linking Traffic

Reciprocal linking means exchanging links with another site. Even if one-way linking helps you get a better search engine ranking, two ways linking (reciprocal linking) improves your ranking.

You want to make sure that you get a fair amount of traffic when trading links between two sites. This is why it is my recommendation to use a tracking script and measure how much traffic you are sending to a link partner and how much traffic your partner is sending you.

Here are a few tools that will help you:

Link Partners
Value Exchange

Forum Traffic

One of my favorite ways to drive traffic to your website/CPA offers is to participate in forums that are related to the CPA offer(s) that you promote. As most forums allow you to create a signature file, you can take advantage of this, as the signature is going to be displayed at the end of every forum message your write.

This means that you can link to your CPA offer in your signature, and thus use this area to promote your offer. Let?s say that you promote ?get rid of cellulite? ? you will want to join a forum related to health/beauty/women and place your affiliate link in your signature, or even better, link to the site that you created to promote the CPA offer.

Keep in mind that people who are visiting forums are ideal prospects who will be interested in the CPA offers you are promoting, and thus are more likely to be ?hooked?.

Article Writing Traffic

Article writing and submission to major article directories is a very powerful method to drive free traffic to your websites, and make solid profits from CPA offers.

We have already covered the benefits of having good quality articles on your site ? but then I was telling you about your ?dummy acceptance to CPA affiliate networks? site. However, you will want to write articles and/or have somebody writing articles for you, and then submit these to major article directories, since this will help you create some good targeted traffic to your website.

The sites where you can find freelancers to write articles for you are:
I usually use the first two sites since they are a bit easier to use and have low fees per project.

Here is a list of major article directories where you can submit your articles:
Ezine Articles
Go Articles
You may also want to consider using an article announcing service to save time on the submissions.

Joint Venture Traffic

This is a very quick way to increase your traffic. This is because joint venture partners promote the same program to their email lists. Basically, you get a whole lot of traffic to the product?s website and sky-rocket sales.
Finding a joint venture partner with highly responsive mailing lists can really drive some serious traffic your way.

You should know that most join ventures involve an affiliate agreement, where the joint venture partner takes a percentage of the sale price of the product or service that is being promoted.
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