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Exclamation How to get accepted into CPA networks step by step

It is not uncommon for people to say that they were not accepted into a CPA network. This is mostly because they don?t have a clear understanding of the way they will be promoting the offers. If the CPA Company thinks that you?re a newbie and you will only be wasting their time, then tough luck, you won?t be accepted. Truth be told, CPA Companies usually work with seasoned marketing veterans, so you need to do everything in your power to give them the impression that you know what you?re talking about, even if you are a newbie.

This means that you?ll need to have a grasp of some basic concepts.

Modes of Promotion

All CPA networks require you to fill out an application, and in that application you will find a listing of the types of promotion from which you have to select the ones you?ll be using to promote the company?s offers.

The ways of promotion are not few, since you have the option to select pop-ups, text links, PPC, SEO, newsletter advertising, stand alone emails, banner displays, social media, etc.

If you are not a seasoned marketing veteran, it?s better to click ?Banners?, ?Text Links? and ?PPC? as options you?ll use to promote their offers. Don?t worry, once you get accepted you can add more options to the list.

How to look professional ?

A. Get a Website/Blog

Another very important thing is to have a website, and this has to look as professional as possible. So, if you have a domain name that you don?t use, make good use of it and set up your website ? the older the

domain name is, the better, since it will seem like the site existed for a very long time.

Your website should have a .com name, and take note that there are certain types of websites that are not accepted in CPA networks. The following types are not to be used:

? Pornography
? Violence
? Blackhat websites
? Hatred websites (e.g. gay-bashing)
? Websites with little content or no content at all
? Websites with plagiarized/duplicate content

Now that we have talked about what you don?t need to do, here?s what you will need to do.

First of all, you don?t need to have a complex website. You can set your website to be a blog. It?s really easy to do so, because you can use Wordpress as your content management script, which is available for free ? and easy to use.

Setting up your website as a blog is an easy, painless and quick process, and with the help of some free themes available online, your site can look professional in no time.

So, once you have Wordpress installed on your site, you will want to

get a professional looking theme. Here are some sites that offer free themes which you can use for your blog:

Go to the websites above; find a theme that you like, and you?re almost done.

B. Don?t use a free email address

Another thing you want to do is to create an email address based off that domain name. You will be using this email address to contact them ? this looks more professional. NEVER USE A FREE EMAIL ADDRESS AS YOUR MODE OF CONTACT VIA EMAIL!

C. Contents/topic of your blog

Here?s the trick. Let?s say you are really interested in dating, weight loss and insurance offers. Rather than go and get three different domain names and create three different blogs, I want you to create ONE blog and the topic should be about affiliate marketing.

You want to position yourself as an affiliate marketer. Again, the only purpose of this site is to get accepted into the networks. So, for example, you might register or something to that effect. And then make several posts about affiliate marketing. And specifically make posts about CPA marketing. Don?t worry about weight loss, dating, insurance, etc?.that will come later.

Post at least seven high quality articles on your blog, and be sure to have it set up in a neat looking format.

E. Set up a Privacy Policy and Contact Form

If you want to look professional, having a contact form and a privacy policy will do just that. You can easily set up a privacy policy and contact form using the privacy policy plugin and the contact form plugin that are available for Wordpress. Here are the links:

Applying to CPA networks

Now that you have a blog or website set up, you can apply to the CPA networks. This is a very important stage, which should not be overlooked. You need to have a professional site with good content to be approved into a CPA network, and also you yourself must be and sound as a true professional.

Normally, if you apply to a popular and reputable CPA network, you will get a phone call from them, since all major CPA networks require telephone verification before they accept you into their network. So, expect a phone call from a specialist from the CPA network at any time. You will be asked a few basic questions regarding your modes of promotion.

For example, if in your application form you checked ?web promotion? then they will ask you to verify the site that you will be promoting their offers with, and also if you know what types of offers you will want to promote. Needless to say, you will want to sound very professional and confident when you are speaking about your promotion methods. At the same time, it is best if you keep it short and simple, just stating that you will be developing websites that will cater specifically to the niches that you will be promoting, based on the CPA offers available in their network. You can give your site, the ?dummy? site as an example of your work.

Also, if you checked PPC you will be asked about your experience with PPC. Just tell them that you?ll be using Google Adwords, Yahoo PPC and MSN Adcenter to promote their offers. Again, keep it short and simple.

Lastly, if for some reason you do not get accepted into a network, I would suggest calling them. If you pick up the phone and are proactive, a lot of these networks will appreciate that and will be willing to listen to you. It worked for me when I first started and it can work for you as well.

List of CPA Networks

Now that you are all set up to join a CPA affiliate network, the next step is, of course, to apply to various networks. The more the better, since more work means more money in your pocket.

Here are the ones I use most frequently and that have found to be reliable:

Neverblue Ads ? This is one of my preferred ones because they have a range of CPA offers that have high payouts and excellent customer service.

Clickbooth-- One of the biggest, oldest and most respected networks out there. They have a ton of exclusive offers that no one else does.

Maxbounty ? This is also an excellent CPA Affiliate network with lots of different offers.
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it a nice and basic method , my tips is CALL
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