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Default If Your Application Got Declined By MaxBounty,Here Is What You Are Missing:-|

Hi,If you've tried signing up with Maxbounty,then you'd realise that though the Sign up process is easy,they are strict on which application to accept.
And they wouldn't tell you the reason for the rejection.
For you to get accepted ,Make your site established,so that your website fits some among their offers.
Also,you can call them and explain to them the method you'll be using to promote their offers e.g PPC,Social Networking e.t.c
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I think it's real easy to get accepted into any network as long as you seem confident and know what you're talking about. The AM's are really looking for if you can make them money but showing them you know how to monitize a website and how to get people to it is a main concern for them.
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Bottom line is this, if an affiliate manager believes that you will make the network money, without sending fraudulent leads and without needing to hold your hand through every step of your campaigns, then you will get accepted.
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Exactly is almost a must to have an established website and niche these days to get accepted to a top tier network. Now this doesn't mean you are restricted to promoting only those offers, be sure to mention you also do some paid advertising using trustworthy companies and etc.

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