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Default Give Me Your Ideas For An Article Spinner

Hi everyone - I'm Carl Ringwall, owner of Data SystemsPlus. I design software and tools for internet marketing. I just completed a product in the backlinking area, and am going to take on a project in the Article Marketing niche. Article Marketing is one of my favorite promotional methods, because it works - and it's easy to get started.

I want to create the tool that I wish I had to make writing articles easier and even fun!

I made a bunch of money last year with AM - and I have some idea about what works, and I have in my head a tool that will allow you to write 5 articles - and spin those into 50 or more.

Not another article spinner you may say . I agree - I've tried most of them.

But my idea is to integrate the tool with the process. I have analyzed my articles and when I was really grooving with writing lots of them - the structure and flow of the articles found a rhythm. Each paragraph has a purpose, each sentence in that paragraph has it's own sub-purpose.

So what if we could develop a method not only of technically spinning the article - but actually creating a formulaic system of writing the article in the first place to make it 'fit' into the software spinner?

Sounds kind of goofy, I know - but look at 10 articles about the same subject in Ezine Articles - they all have the same basic structure and flow.

So, after that long-winded intro, my question:

From a technical perspective - what would YOU like to see in an article spinner? I'm going to use an advanced web interface with Ajax, so it can work just like a desktop app.

What features do you think are important? Note I'm NOT talking about Article Submission - only the writing part. I'm laying open my idea here because I want to provide something that users really want.

What features are missing in your Article Writing Process? Many thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
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Hi Carl,

Welcome to 5 Star. Thanks for joining us.

I don't do article marketing myself, but I know a lot of our members do,
so hopefully you'll get some good feedback.
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Thanks - I looked around the 'net for a good AM forum - and this one really was the most active one I could find! Very impressed with the amount of good content and valuable posts on this forum. Looking forward to becoming a regular contributor.
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Good to hear! We look forward to your participation!
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I have just recently started with a new spinner not to long ago located in my signature. I have tried a few others in the past but have found this one to be quite useful with an abundance of synonyms and antonyms. The other thing that I like is, you get to pick and choose which ones you would like to use.

The one thing that I wish it could do is provide me a side by side view once my original is spun. Since it does not, I normally take both articles and place them in the dupefree pro so that I can add more orginality to the spun article. It gets my flowing when I am able to have both visuals in front of me like that.

So that would be my thought to you in adding into your tool, more room for visuals of both articles in 1 screen.

I sure hope you post with the finished product, I would love to check it out
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Constant PMT
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Thanks for that...I'm envisioning a spinner that works on concert with a specific article structure. If a writer could standardize on a article structure, it would give the article spinner more flexibility and options.

Do you have one or more article 'formulas' that you frequently use?
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One I use now has a shared user database of synonyms (remotely, dynamically updated), favorite's functionality (really speeds up spinning with your common replacements instantly imported.. your favorites and community favorites).. and unlimited nesting.
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A great feature for an article spinner would be the ability to cross or mesh multiple articles.

This would be good as the user could have several different articles that spun on their own would just have variations of words with variable synonyms but usually keeping the same word count or written structure.

So if article one had 3 paragraphs, and article two had 1 they could be meshed to the spun article would have 2 which would improve distinctness of the article overall.

Perhaps it would work, maybe not, or maybe it's already out there and I have not seen it?

But I believe the reason for spinning is to create unique looking content, and although a synonym swap does technically change the word and create a new sentence or piece of content I would find it hard to believe that this is enough to trick the robots into thinking it is unique.
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looking forward to see it very soon thanks for sharing
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I've used a few article spinners. I think from a user perspective it would be great if you could select a given paragraph in an existing article and it would re-write that paragraph say 5 different ways in a side window.

Then make the sentences from each of those paragraphs so they can easily selectable and perhaps a right-cick or alt-click option that will re-generate synonyms for that sentence and perhaps another right-click option or ctrl-click option that would attempt to re-write the sentence structure. Perhaps double click allows you to free edit the sentence. Then finally make it so you can drag and drop your sentences into a final paragraph. I believe a built in thesaurus that you can easily right-click over a given word to pull up alternatives.

Another cool feature would be to make it so you could feed a given sentence or paragraph into Google search, have the application go out and find content that would be appropriate. Ideally then it would quickly generate 5 alternatives for any paragraph you select out of that content. You should be able filter web page results using criteria like minimum word density or minimum sentences per paragraph to help find content that would be good for articles. Then of course be able to feed that into the paragraph/sentence building engine and change the those paragraphs and sentences quickly.

I think the key for a good article builder is fast generation of 5 or more derivatives from the source. Be able to easily pick and choose from the parts that work. Make it easy to swap in synonyms or completely re-write a sentence. Tie in a standard writer tools like a thesaurus. Hook in with search results to give the writer massive amounts of input possibilities.

For me re-writing just a single article seems to be too limiting. I like the idea of going more for trying to pull in multiple sources to create a unique article and focusing on the given paragraph or topic.
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