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Default Anatomy Of An Article Submission Project

How To Get Started

Writing and submitting articles to publishers in order to promote your business, services and products is a wise choice for any entrepreneur. The only cost for this kind of marketing project is your time and, if you want the maximum benefits, the amount you pay your proofreader/editor. Many people are overwhelmed by the submission process and donít know where to begin. I have outlined below the ten steps I take with each article submission project. Having a process in place makes organizing submissions so much easier and removes the confusion of where of what to do first.

1. Start by having your article proofread and then add it to your website. Make sure you have a catchy title and a by-line that compels readers to take action.

2. Use a text to html tool to format your by-line so that your URL will appear live when your article is posted on a site.

3. Collect the information youíll need for most submission sites including: title, author name, address, phone number, e-mail, website URL, topic, two line summary of the article, word count, line count, article URL, auto responder address (if available), document file names and 10-15 keywords.

4. Make a list of the type of submission sites appropriate for your article. I use EzineAnnouncer to collect and keep track of my submission list and I always write down the categories that are a match for my article. My latest submission qualified for more than 400 sites but your success depends upon your article topic.

5. Begin submitting to sites that accept articles by e-mail. Never send an attachment unless asked. Incorporate the entire article into the e-mail and include an option for the recipient to opt-out of your list.

6. Your next step should be to sign-up for all new submission sites on your list that require registration. Typically, you have to wait for a confirmation e-mail before submitting. You can move on to the next step while you wait.

7. Submit to all sites you have registered for and to all sites not needing registration but offering a submission form.

8. Check your e-mail, confirm your new accounts and visit those sites to add your article. Keep track of your login and password for each site.

9. Update your submission list by removing or correcting bounced e-mail addresses and URL errors. You will also need to add your new submission sites to your list.

10. Create a report to keep on your computer with the name and URL of the sites you used for submission. Update this list when you submit your older articles to newly discovered sites.

Create your own submission process by building on the steps I have provided and you will find your submissions taking less time while helping you to become more organized.

(c) 2009, Davis Virtual Assistance. Reprint rights granted to all venues so long as article and by-line are printed intact with all links made live.
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Gillette Wyatt
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A small question by someone who never tried submitting any articles:
Isn't it a little "un-natural linking" for Google to see that suddenly you get hundreds of links to your site and a few weeks later you stop getting them like you used to?
I mean, Google likes it when other websites VOTE for your site, and an article submission campaign is obviousely made by the website owner and that's not voting.

So... did anyone ever experience any negative effect in SERPs as a result of article submission campaigns?
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Article marketing campaigns result in permanent links that Google can see at any time. Since most publishers can take three weeks to six months to publish your article the incoming links don't show up in mass. The best way to use article marketing is to submit a couple of articles a month ongoing. The links build naturally and so long as the publisher still has a live website your link stays live.
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Another thing too, and this regards the un-natural linking.

If this was truly a problem or a factor then why doesn't everyone do it to get their competition banned? It would be easy to blast a ton of links to any site with little effort.

I don't go so far as to submit to 400+ sites, I do submit to 120 or so. Not all the links get noticed at the same time. There are a handful that get noticed quickly (the high PR ones... new Ezinearticles articles are indexed usually within minutes of going live for example).

Im still getting credit for new links a month after I stopped working on a project (to test the fast link theory). So, even if you did 90 articles in 30 days (submitted to 100 directories... aka 9000 x2 links) it could easily take months for all the links to finally credit you. And even still, you will go into maintenance mode after that point where you continue to submit articles, just not at the same pace.

And to mention, not all of those 18000 links you are tossing will go to your website(s)... some of them go to ranking your articles, which helps your website even more.
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Nice post very helpful for a newbie like me! Just one question though, when you say you're submitting an article to 400+ sites, are you submitting the same article or re-writing the article 400+ times? Things I've read so far go on about duplicate content and how you should re-write your article for each submission?
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You can rewrite the articles if you wish, but in most cases you would be wasting your time.

The duplicate content penalty only really comes into play when it is on one site.

For example, I have a blog promoting a product. I messed up on the setup (did not have keyword post titles) so I had a url like www. yoursite. com/?page=7 instead of yoursite. com/keyword-rich-title. And with it, only one of the pages got indexed, and google chose the winner. In this case it is not too horrible as it is an article landing page anyways (and both links do the same thing.)

The only rewriting that I typically do is making a unique copy of the article on a site I own. And I vary anchor text as well so I add more keyword diversity.

The important part is that you get the links for SEO purposes and simply need Google (Yahoo) to acknowledge the links. There are only a small handful of sites that you can rely on for direct traffic, so if you do rewrite anything... I would limit it to them.
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Just another thought here - if your article is really great, someone might just ask to add it to their site - in which case, you will have another link out there, from somewhere other than a article directory!

Sometimes, quality out weighs strategy.
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If you stay away from black-hat tactics and you try to make it clean so Google loves you, QUALITY is definitely the way to go. Google loves quality pages and it eventually catches up on what's crap and what's good.
That way one thing's for sure: you will be safe from penalties and such.
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