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Default Some article marketing questions before i get started

Hi guys, i'm from argentina, and i'm new in this forum, congratulation for the good information here.

I hope that the people who have some experience in "article marketing" can give some tips/advice and answer some questions i have.

I'm trying to make online money lhe last 7 months (i made a few bucks but nothing more), but it was good because i think that i get "a lot" of experience and that is important too.

But now, i want to give all of myself and start making some decent money ..

So, i want to use "article marketing" with my "weapon" to reach that objetive.

A few days ago, i sign up with clickbank and choose an digital product to start promoting ... i have my domain ..set up my blog ..doing some research etc ..

I like the idea to put some "presure" to myself (it helps me to don't get lazy) and i want to be able to do AT LEAST two sales of week in a term of 30 days (and maybe put some adsense in my blog).

So, my plan is research 100 "long tail keywords" with low-moderate competition related of the topic and at least 5-10 searches a day ... and write one article for every keyword .. (optimized of course) .. that means a total of 100 unique articles ..

Doing some theory and mats .. if i have 100 articles and everyone give me 10 visits a day .. at the end of the month i will have 1000 unique "targeted" visits to my articles.

And i have the plan to use that 100 backlinks (one for each article writed) to point to my blog ... with related anchor text to some "main keywords" of the topic .. some with good volume .. with the hope if i can throw 100 backlinks with anchor text to my blog i will can rank good for that main keywords ...

If i can use that 100 backlinks rank well to some good main keywords of the related topic for MY BLOG... i think that maybe can have other 1000 unique visits a day to my blog ...(not counting the visits of article marketing).

So .. i was wondering, with aprox 2.000 targeted visits a day .. i think that will be very "hard" to at least don?t sell two copies of the product in all the week ..

The sites i plan to do this are:

Ezinearticles - HubPages - Squidoo and my Blog of course, but there will be more unique articles (not the 100 of article marketing).

Ok, all this is my "theory" but this my first time doing serious article marketing, so i don't know how much the results can vary ...

I really don't have any problem to sit my *** in the chair and start writing and doing research for 8-10 hours a day, if that give me results ...

My questions are:

- Is my strategy viable?
- I heared that "any" search with like 20.000 - 30.000 (phrase search) results in competition can be targeted with properly optimized articles in these sites, is that true?
- I must do some crosslinking within all the 100 articles ..or only poiting to my blog? can have more that one backlink in the articles or it will lose power?
- Is ok tu use this sites to write the 100 articles?
- How much powerful can be 100 backlinks with anchor text back to my blog of these sites? or they don?t have too much impact to rank some "main keywords" of the topic?
- Is ok to use that 100 unique articles and do some "rewriting" to submit it to other article directories? to get even more backlinks and visits? or the must be totally new ones?

And advice ..very much appreciated!

Pd: Sorry for my english!

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Hi Seika,

Welcome to 5 Star. Thanks for joining us.

I don't do anything in the article marketing arena but here are our best threads from some members that do. Weekends are slow so someone may be by to give you some answers but in the meantime that thread has tons of good info.
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well seems like i don't have luck with some feedback

I will check that threads, thx linda.
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I am aiming for a similar plan of action with my new site, though I will be promoting about a dozen similar items as more of a hub for the niche.

To start I will be writing a few dozen articles for posting on my blog, this is done for SEO purposes as the whole purpose is to eventually grab that free search traffic. After the initial articles (not all posted at once), I will work on various landing pages for different keyword groupings. I have already broken down one product into 4 seperate groups of keywords, and plan to do most of the products the same way... but with the knowledge of what works on the first few products.

Then I will start writing articles for each of the major article posting sites (not hubpages or squidoo) targeting different keywords. The obvious reasoning is for targeted traffic, but mainly the valuable (usually high PR) backlinks to my blog.

After that I will start hubs and lenses for the products, linking to each other, my money articles (ones tested that make the most money), and to the blog.

All the while bookmarking my efforts, forum posting, etc.

This is my first true attempt at an affiliate site, but I have learned valuable lessons from my efforts on another site (including testing a landing page design that I thought stunk... but pulled a near 50% CTR, but no sales... with nothing but SEO traffic). It is a lot of work, but if things work out I have my next domain purchased and ready to go (changed niche to one I understand before I commited time to learning another new niche).

Thats the nice part about this industry that I have found. Ive spent about $50 on domains and hosting so far (2 months hosting and 3 domains)... have made $10 of that back, but lessons learned empower me to move forward. I am a rarity in that I achieved my first sale on my 9th click... but haven't reached my second yet.

Your course of action is very similar to one that I picked up on recently... so as long as you know the niche (or are willing to learn it), I would run with it. The worst that can happen is that you can fail... and as long as you learn something, that is a victory.
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I know where you are coming from and have also started my article marketing for the link building campaign that I'm doing fro my site. At first it was somewhat frustrating especial y if you don't know where to start on your article marketing. What I did is research some article publishing sites and blogs, I try to figure out which category they talk about mostly and write something related to that niche market.
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Very clear questions and experience.

Well, you don't have to rewrite those articles to be submitted to other article directories. Even ezinearticles accept articles already submitted at other sites provided that you are the writer of it with your name.

100 backlinks with the right anchor text to your blog is good because it is what spiders are looking for. In the long run your articles will gain popularity through page views thus boosting its page rank. The higher it is the more authority link to your blog.

You shouldn't crosslink your article to another one because you will throw away those visitors because they will be annoyed of another article rather than going to the product/answer they are looking in the first place.

Your calculation may be wrong because if your keyword is being searched e.g. 1000 times per month it doesn't mean that all of those will go to your article even if it is number one. Some will go to #2 or 3 and will not go back again in the SERPS.

Hope this helps.
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Definatly do not cross link the articles. You want the full power of 2 links per article pointing at your site... the last thing you want to do is give Ezine (or another article directory) more relevancy than they already have for about any topic with your link.

I would create seperate landing pages to test certain designs, but Minstrel posted one on the newbie forums that has served me VERY well. Ill try to dig up the post for ya.
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Glenn A
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45% CTR Landing Page

There ya go. This design works, I have used it for two products now. Getting clicks to the merchants is NOT a problem.

In fact, while my numbers are not 100% science (dealing with under 50 clicks in both cases)... I am easily getting 70% CTR with this design. I'll definatly speak more about it when I have 500-1000 clicks under my belt... but as an affiliate newbie I can tell you that this design has been the difference between headaches and 3 sales in my first 50 clicks.
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Thanks, i will read that thread.
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