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Algore - The inClick Ad Server currently does not support the CPM model. This is, however, something that we are planning on adding into the system relatively soon.

In order to properly support CPM based delivery, many significant changes to the inClick Ad Server foundation were required. Thus, the next release of the inClick Ad Server, inClick 4, will include this new foundation that will allow us to continue adding new features, improve overall system performance, as well as improve your earnings.

With regard to costs, inClick Lite is intended for you to get started with no time limit and make the first $500.00 on us. Once you have reached $500.00 in total advertiser credits, an upgrade to inClick Standard (Leased) or inClick Enterprise (conventional purchase) needs to be made. For information regarding Enterprise Licensing, give us a call.

To answer the question of the multiple companies using a similar script: The companies are likely utilizing one central company's platform - a hosted solution. This model is popular amongst Ad Network modeled companies, something that can also be done using our platform and the available Developers API (Note the graph example). The platform, or script as referenced earlier, is likely proprietary.
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